For Reviewer

The sole aim of Scientific Synergy Open Access Journals is to bring valuable scientific research information to its viewers. Scientific Synergy Team also strives that these scientific research contents should be of the best quality. To accomplish this, here are the Reviewer guidelines for Scientific Synergy Publishers.

The Reviewer

The Reviewer is of much importance in the Synergistic network of Scientific Synergy Publishers. Scientific Synergy requires each of its Reviewers to be an eminent person in his field of content are of the best quality. Scientific Synergy Reviewers also have the responsibility of providing genuine and constructive comments and criticism about the accepted manuscripts. The Reviewer must keep in mind that his comments and reviews are very important factors for the Editors to make a decision on the Author manuscript.

The Peer Review Process

The Journals of Scientific Synergy are subjected to peer review process. When content is presented for peer review, the name, the details and the affiliations of the author are not revealed to the Reviewers. The authors are kept in absolute blindness about the identity of the Reviewers. The Reviewers are expected to respond promptly and keep up their deadlines. The expert Reviewers will evaluate the originality, the accuracy and the wholeness of each content and provide honest comments on the work submitted.

Some Points to Note

  • The Reviewer should have the expertise to carry thepeer reviewing process by himself.
  • The Reviewer cannot edit any contents presented in the manuscript.
  • The Reviewer has no rights to any form of personal accusations. He can however present confidential feedback to the Editor.
  • The Reviewers should protect the confidentiality of the manuscript. He has no rights to disclose any information presented in the manuscript.
  • The Reviewer must not attempt to reveal his identity; he may not contact the author without due permission from the editor.
  • Their comments and reviews must never be influenced by the race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, language, origin, gender or any political agencies.

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