Open Access


Open access is the best source for everyone to get free access to the research work in their respective field without any subscription charges required for the journal. All over the world, people are much interested to develop an open access process so that knowledge can be spread to every corner of the world.

In this process, the publication costs are covered by the author’s funds where he/she gets from different institutions or research funds. This will help readers to get free access to articles which will be readily available online without any barriers. The author will have all copyrights of his/her article in an open access.

We produce peer-review and quality control articles which are maintained at international standards. Open access also gives maximum options for the use of the published materials. It is providing knowledge without any cost and barrier, these peer-reviewed articles are saved for the long term and can be used at any time for their research work. Promotion of this type of open access is very important to develop and encourage the individuals to share their knowledge, talent and wisdom to the world. Open access is beneficial to students, researchers, educationalists, clinicians, journalists, patients and other members of the society.

For the first time in the publishing industry, we are trying to introduce a video feature which is an asset to our publishing company. Authors can use this video feature to discuss or explain their view towards research work or they can explain about their future endeavors, about science, helping humankind through their research work and any views related to their work or subject. This video should not contain any sarcastic content, it should be used purely for knowledge promotion.